Thursday, January 10, 2008

Justice at Eight

I tell you the truth, ODM shall one day triumph over injustice. Let us not be moved, nor shaken, or stopped, and never stopped.

Citing the numerous remarks from every logical pole of this earth, it is clear that the elections were not rigged, it is more precise to state that we had none at all, and the Kenyan people from every divide should unite, to condemn injustice in whichever form, regardless of our feeble political inclinations. It is time to truly face the mountain and swim the lake.

Confronted suddenly by the whole mass of evidence now at hand, it would be difficult to maintain a clear view, and so easy for the pattern to be distorted by the very weight of the records. I remember one goldenberg (why do they spell it with a capital G?) defendant, coming to court with boxes of evidence .... it will not be easy to distort us Mr. President (His Ego-ness H.E.)

I have seen fellow Kenyans smiling at me in traffic, I have heard that it is now a chess game or for those who prefer the 18th hole. The ingredients of any conflict are fear, hunger nad pride, but we must also remember that the deadliest of all ingredients is the final detonation.
My question to the president, will you continue to lead in a state of permanent powerlessness?
However much it still falls short of completeness, and my own ideal, what is to come, will at least be termed 'a history' of the true liberation of Kenya.

Blood is on the hand of those who have killed, some with the crudest of weapons --- some without a face, some without a heart, some facing a future taken away by the hearts of the selfish.

The faces of those on the trigger, with their "clean hands", bloodied only by the recoil of their guns, return to their camps, haunted still by their murderous acts. What man or woman would kill another on command? Shall they triumph too?

Yes, the mobs are traversing the country in a frenzy, not compelled or commanded by any leader, but led only by fear and anger. I agree that this is regrettable.

If I was the current Minister of Internal Security, I would do some Mathematics? Why is he being setup to fall for this mess? He will wish what he had retired from politics after recieving the rough end of a rungu on his academic skull at that poll station. A man who had to be whisked away from his own people, he is not secure in his backyard, how can he secure the country?

In my shallow mind, I beg to say, that someone (YULE YULE), has placed a certain community in the combined solitude and circumscription of a political and social isolation ward.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Our Beloved Land

Does anyone have any useful statistics on the largest land owners (Read families) in Kenya? Please share the top 20.

Based on the above statistics (assumption), you will indeed find that the average Kikuyus in general own very little of Central province. I could be wrong but I am not wrong.Further to the above, all Kenyans combined probably own a mere fraction of "that piece of land known as Kenya". In comparison, a few 100 (or much less) families own expansive tracts of land, including an Etonian in Kamiti, some silver-spoons in KANU.... endless list.

So, I ask most naively, what is it that we are fighting for? We lost the land in 1963; we have brave landless Mau Mau fighters (mostly Kikuyu) to prove this.

We have now lost our right to democracy and a just state. The next phase, at the expense of leaning towards prophecy, is probably a complete loss of control of the economy through privatization; we know the big fish will be eaten soon.

We will possibly wake up to reality when we are left with nothing to loose. At this point I actually feel proud that the Llemi triangle is part of Kenya. At least I can migrate there, in the meantime, before they find some oil in that region, then they can come rig there as well --- an oil rig in this case.

We are not loosing our innocence, we are loosing our identity.

The Last Straw

Each day I wake up and find that the President of the Republic of Kenya is Kibaki. I am still waiting for the happy ending from some patriots, they will not fail.

I can't remember sticking on my bumper a sticker "Najivunia Kuibiwa Kura". May be we should adopt such stickers (copyright) as a tag of sarcasm, rather than engage in medieval confrontations at Uhuru Park (which we can now call GSU Gardens).

Mass action can also be logical rather than physical.

I am glad that my imaginary friends voted. I can now publicly and safely say I envy these imaginary voters ... atleast no one can hurt them, or burn their houses, or take their livelihoods. These are truly fortunate "Kenyans".

Luckily Mathematics is strongly entrenched in the system of education in Kenya, hence most of us learnt the art of counting straws a long time back. The ECK has its flaws, we still have the straws, even if it means awaiting 2012. This is a last and I must admit unthinkable resort.

Some of them will drink uji from Kamiti using these very straws!!!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Kenyans, if we allow this act of political injustice to prevail, it will be indicative of intent to be led by a man who has no regard for life, democracy and the rule of law. Quite frankly, I prefer to be shot by his "loyal" troops at the Uhuru Park March today. Many patriotic Kenyans have died and continue to die, just because a man could not retreat to Muthaiga or Othaya.

It will be a happy day in Kenya when this man meets the maker, where I pray a place has been reserved for him preferably somewhere at the epicentre of hell. I hope this will be slow and painful.

Kenyans, lets remain at peace, kama kitu moja, we need more Kikuyu's to denounce this political treachery, please! Further celebration of what we all know to be a crime against Kenya will be a matter for history to judge, this is your moment to forget about GEMA and think Kenya.

I am particularly saddened that Uhuru Kenyatta is on the wrong side of events, I had great respect for him.

As for Kibaki, no one will remember you for your great academic and financial achievements. We will immortalize you as a thief and a murderer.